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The RASTP Sim Racing Handbrake materials are a mix of high grade Aluminium and Stainless Steel. A high rigidity compression spring is used to provide a real hand brake damping feel.

This handbrake comes pre-lubricated for smooth and long lasting operation.

This is a progressive handbrake that uses a 64 bit non-contact plus Hall sensor, allowing for more precision and a longer life than a standard push button handbrake.

Multiple height adjustments possible as well as mounting layout flexibility, allowing the best possible position for your specific racing application.

Plug and play, no driver installation required. 

Multiple variants available:

  • Handbrake only (Mounting to cockpit or custom setup)
  • Clamp only (Mounting to Table/Desk)


Handbrake dimensions: 30x15x5.7cm

Mounting dimensions: 35x85mm, ø 8mm


RASTP USB Sim Racing Handbrake.

PC compatible (Windows Operating System) only.

64 bit non-contact plus Hall sensor.

Colour: Red, Black, Blue


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Instruction Manual


Mounting Template