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MAX H-Pattern shifter is the best value sim racing shifter on the market! No more sloppy shifting or missed gears, only solid and smooth shifting from the Max H-Pattern Shifter.

Shift with purpose as the gated slots guide you to your next gear! The internal design provides a satisfying resistance so you don't stumble around your gears.  

Made form high quality Aluminum alloy and Fibre reinforced plastic.

6+R or 7+R shifter patterns available, top plates are changeable and all shifters include 8 Microswitches.

The shifter knob is replaceable with any M8 threaded piece. 

Plug and play, no driver installation required. 

Compatible with most modern racing games!


MAX H-Pattern USB Gear Shifter - PC

PC compatible (Windows Operating System) only.

Shifting force ≈ 2kg

USB interface, cable length = 140cm.


Shifter Dimensions: Length 130mm x Width 90mm x Height 220mm

Mounting Dimensions: 70mm x 110mm


Instruction Manual


Mounting Template


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